Besides becoming an individual partner in our ministry with your financial support, we hope that you would share your love and concern for the less fortunate of Roatan, Honduras, with your home church, your friends and relatives. Sandy Bay Lighthouse Ministries offers “short term mission” experiences for a number of churches, organizations and schools. We would be honored to host a team from your church, Bible study, or small group.


We refer to our short-term mission experience as “transformational travel” because it results in transforming the lives of both participants and recipients.  We have hosted many teams over the years and consistently receive positive feedback on the experience.  We go to a lot of work to ensure that your stay with us is well organized for a maximum benefit for both you, the children at our home, and the residents of the Island.   Our goal is to expand each person’s vision for opportunities to share the love and message of the Gospel, to raise awareness of the needs that exist in this world and an appreciation for cultural beauty and diversity.

How much will this trip cost me?

Actual cost will vary depending on the price of your airline tickets.  There is a small airport on the island of Roatan that can be accessed from several major airports in the U.S. or otherwise.  In addition, there is the cost of food and lodging while on the island.  This is covered in our information packet.  It would be safe to estimate that the average cost for a one-week-trip would be in the range of  $1,600.

What might our mission team do on this trip?

Mission teams typically direct their attention to ministry and activities with the children at the home, doing maintenance at our facility, and engaging in evangelism and compassion outreach into the communities on the Island.  The outreach is coordinated with local churches on the island and may involve distribution of goods, praying with residents, home repair and construction, distribution of water filters, or even holding community events.  What your team will do with these opportunities will be arranged with our Honduran Director, Mr. Orsy, during the planning process.

How many people can I bring with me on a trip?

We can accommodate up to as many as 20 on a team.  We have found that an ideal size is about 12 people.

How can I find out more details about planning a trip?

All the details and requirements for a mission trip can be acquired by clicking the button below to get to our MISSIONS CONTACT FORM.  Our Missions Coordinator will be happy to answer your questions and schedule a Short Term Mission for your family or organization.

What accommodations can we expect?

Your stay during the mission trip can be arranged with us to use the new Mission Center accommodations at the children’s home. There are 5 rooms, each having 4 beds and a bathroom with a shower. Team meals can also be prepared in the kitchen. Most teams find a combination of eating both at our Greenfield Children’s Home and at some of the Island’s restaurants to be enjoyable.  Housing fees need to be mailed to the address below prior to the team’s trip.

Sandy Bay Lighthouse Ministries

P.O. Box 817

DeRidder, LA 70634-0817


How long is a short-term mission trip?

Short term mission trips are normally 7 days and 7 nights—but exceptions and other arrangements can be made.