We are so thankful for our dedicated staff. They all share responsibilities, but foremost in their minds is the welfare of the kids. Mutual love is shared – for each other and for Jesus who is their model in life.


ORSY AND BANESA CRUZ never expected to have a large family. Banesa always dreamed of having two children, as she came from a large family. Mr. Orsy grew up just down the road from our Greenfield Children’s Home. Twenty two people shared the 3 bedroom space. But they answered God’s call and now parent a large and growing family. One visit to our home and you will know the love “their kids” share and you will want to give it right back! These are the kids that live with Orsy and Banesa. Sharon Cruz and Orsy Jr. Cruz are their biologic children.



My name is Francis Cárcamo. I was born in Trujillo Colón on the mainland. I am a single mother of a child born in January 2015.

I moved to Roatán when I was offered this job with the children and staff of this ministry.

I am a supervisor in the Children’s Home and on special occasions I take care of the kitchen.  I also enjoy spending time with the children and sharing the love of Jesus with them. Since I started working here I have learned more and more about Jesus and I enjoy going to church with all the children.

I have the desire to learn English and continue to improve in order to be a positive influence and role model for children.



My name is Lezeida Valeska López. I was born in Jutiapa Atlántida on the mainland. I am a single mother of three children. I am in charge of cleaning among other things and I teach the children the importance of being tidy and clean.

I am also in charge of the laundry area in which I involve  the children so that they will learn about hygiene. When my help is required in the care of the children, I also collaborate with great disposition, since I like teamwork.

I’m a Christian, but since I’ve been in the ministry my faith, love of neighbor and empathy increases more every day. I like that children learn good habits so that they can be responsible adults. My personal goal is that my children graduate from university.

I would also like to study law and practice it. I feel committed to the children and the ministry to learn about the lives of each one of them and help their formation so that they are good people who can build a bright future.


child care

My name is Marleny Yulissa Gonzales Padilla. I am a single mother of two children, a girl and a boy. I was born and raised on the island of Roatán. I studied up to 7th grade at Juan Brooks School.

My job is to care for and watch over the children and provide personal care of each one. My goal of working in the ministry is to contribute to forming good people and I would like to see them again in the future, being useful people for society and with a promising future.

I carry Jesus in my heart and being in this place strengthens my faith and love for those around me.












My name is Karely Marquina Acosta. I am 26 years old. I am originally from Roatán, Bay Islands. I come from a family with values ​​and am very hard-working. I enjoy going out and enjoying the beauties of the island of Roatán and tasting the delicious food.

I was in La Ceiba, the mainland for 5 years to study psychology and when I finished my studies the ministry opened its doors for me to develop all my knowledge and skills. My work with the ministry is one of the things I enjoy the most. Every time I come I feel happy to be part of “The Big Family” as the children call it. I am very involved and I am faithfully sure that if God brought me here, it is because his purpose will be fulfilled and I am only an instrument of his hands to heal and restore.

My mission is to create an impact on all the children, encourage them and motivate them in their training for their lives. I am fascinated by the activities with the children.  I am one more girl playing with them, and above all I love how they have received me with trust, affection and respect.



My name is Fredy, I am 35 years old, married and have 3 beautiful daughters – Sherry, Keishlean, and Addison. I work as maintenance staff at the Children’s Home and one of my favorite activities is taking care of the fish. 

First, I want to thank God and Sandy Bay Lighthouse Ministries for this job opportunity. I enjoy my work and I like to do it with great pleasure and dedication. Thank you for opening doors for me. God Bless!




My name is Karen Raquel Sanchez Orellana. I am from Erandique, Lempira, but I grew up in Esperanza Intibuca.  I have a degree in Pedagogy, with a diploma in Management and Administration of Educational Centers.

I have two children and have been working as a teacher in this great organization for 9 years. My aspirations are to continue studying for a master’s degree in Special Education to know how to educate children with difficulties in different areas.

I like reading and being a teacher. I like to implement new things, be respectful and I like order. I have many other virtues that help me in my personality as a teacher. 


Profa Abigail


Hi, my name is Neyssi Abigail Sevilla Ortega. I was born in El Paraíso, Honduras, in the municipality of Morecelí. Since my childhood, I lived in that municipality and hold dear the people of its surroundings. My parents sent me to study in the city at the initial teacher training school called Escuela Normal Espana, Villa Ahumada, Danlí. That’s where I graduated as a teacher in basic education. Then my preparation continued at National Pedagogical Francisco Morazán.

Since I was little, I wanted to be a teacher and with unconditional help from my parents and family, I’ve managed to be where I am now. I am a woman with Chistian principals, and I consider the Lord has blessed me with open doors of employment and many opportunities in my professional field. I myself am a respectful person. I like to be loyal and act transparently at all times. In general, I can say that I always like to learn new things. I am currently working in the Beacon School as a pre-school teacher and also a secondary teacher. It is a daily challenge, but there is nothing more satisfying when you know that you are a carrier of knowledge, and you pass it on to others.  This causes dedication and joy within me.

Profa Saida


Hello, my name is Saida Yulisa Duarte Hernández.  I am originally from the department of Paraiso.  I am a primary education teacher and currently a student at the UPNFM university.  I am about to graduate and consider myself a responsible, honest and social person.

My first studies were completed at the Francisco Morazán school, while my middle school studies were completed at the Rosario Molina de Alfaro Institute after I entered the Norma Villa Ahumada in Danlí, El Paraiso. After that, I moved to Isla de la Bahia, Roatán and I have been working on this beautiful island for four years.

When I arrived here, my first job was at Ovidio Seguro in Crawfish Rock, until I finally arrived at this great and amazing school. I thank God for allowing me to work with such wonderful people for more than four years. I have learned many things that have helped me grow as a person day by day. My aspirations are to continue improving both as a person and as a teacher.



My name is Belky Aracely González Rodriguez, and I was born in Tegucigalpa. I completed my studies in the same city. I currently reside in the community of Coxen Hole in the municipality of Roatán Isla de la Bahia.

My primary studies were at the Arturo Alvarez Calderón school in Tegucigalpa. My middle and high school studies were in Computer Science and Letters at the Valencia Institute.  I completed my higher studies at the Francisco Morazán National Pedagogical University and obtained the title of Technician in Basic Education and bachelor’s degree in Basic Education.

I am a Christian striving to be an excellent professional, achieving my life goals and am happy exercising my profession as a teacher. I have qualities such as honesty, respect and responsibility in my work. I am currently working at the Beacon School as a third and sixth grade teacher.



My name is Cinthia Alemán. I was born in Tegucigalpa. I am a teacher and I love my profession.

My hobbies are reading, spending time with my family and exercising. I love nature very much. I love children. Every day you learn new things with them. My motto that defines me is, “fight, persevere, and give my best to achieve my goals.”

New Teachers

Cindy, Laveyli and Marisela

Please welcome our new teachers at the Beacon School – Cindy, Laveyli and Marisela!

More details to come!