If you have a heart for children and you are vacationing on Roatan, you may wish to share some of your time and talent by volunteering for an hour, a day, or a week. We have many tasks that we find hard to get to. Perhaps you can help us. Folks have volunteered for many different things – home maintenance and repair, tutoring one or more of our kids, engaging the kids in games of all sort, giving the cook a break by making lunch for the 30 people that eat here, painting, doing art or music projects, and the list goes on…  We do not need baby sitters, but we welcome help that is  skillful and planned.

Mr. Orsy and Ms. Banesa are great hosts. If you are on the Island, or when you arrive you can call or text Mr. Orsy at 504-9928-6579. Better yet, click our contact form and send out an email. Let us know the “when, what, and how” you would like to help.


Unfortunately we do not have accommodations for volunteers, and we do limit volunteering to one week unless arrangements are made during that time.