The children we care for are away from their biological family for one reason or another. We have become their family and their only means of support. You have opened your heart to them; to give them every opportunity to grow, learning what love of God and neighbor is about. Your heart is stretched and warmed in the process. You make what is a sad story wonderful because there is no ambition in your gifts – just love.

One can imagine that it is expensive for us to run the Greenfield Children’s Home and Beacon School – more than $12,000 a month! We rely solely on folks such as you to meet the children’s needs. Many visitors and friends have made the decision to Sponsor a child or children at $45 per month. To cover our expense we need multiple sponsors for each child. Our goal is to have 10 sponsors per child. What is more, we feel a deep responsibility for seeing that each child that ages out of our care becomes a thriving, responsible citizen of Honduras. We use the vehicle of our Bright Future Fund to set aside funds to help these young adults transition to independent life.


Sponsorship brings a more intimate relationship with our ministry in Roatan, Honduras, and the children we care for. It gives one a prayer focus, a chance to write words of encouragement to a child, celebrate a birthday, engage your own family, and the real possibility to even spend time with your sponsored child.

Sponsoring a child is a wonderful way to partner with us in ministry with a commitment of $45 a month.


Any of our children would love to receive a card or letter from you especially on special occasions. The best gift to give a child is to recognize their birthday or remember them at Christmas. Cards are best! Toys and such are in abundance at our facility. Gifts that most benefit our children are funds given toward helping to secure the child’s future. Whether it is education, or transition to employment and independent living, our children will need your help as they leave our facility. While purchasing gifts on special occasions is a wonderful expression of compassion and love, these do not benefit the most pressings needs of our children.

How can you bless a child’s future? We have a program called the “Bright Future Fund.” It is a designated savings account dedicated to the children’s future education or transition out of our care.  Your funds remain reserved and will be used later for necessities no longer provided by our ministry, and for future education or training beyond high school.