NEW 2024 Special project

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Details coming soon on our next special project.  Stay tuned for further details!





While not nearly as exciting as a new school or mission team center, the septic systems at the Children’s Home and Beacon School are in need of being replaced very soon.

The existing system was installed in 2011 when there were only 12 children at the home and the Beacon School was only an idea on paper.

Now with nearly double the number of children at the home and +100 kids and staff using the school, the current system is rapidly approaching the end of its life.

The project costs include removing the existing system and adding two new septic systems to service the Children’s Home, Beacon School and Mission Center.   Costs are driven higher as the parts and even the sand needed must be imported to the island.  The sand alone will cost $40,000 and must be imported due to island regulations.


Thanks to all of our faithful supporters, the BEACON SCHOOL project has now been completed! With the addition of the second floor, we now have 11 classrooms, a library, computer lab, a community room, and dedicated office space for our teachers.

Although we have selected the most environmentally friendly materials and fixtures, we would some day hope to add a solar system to the school to further reduce our energy costs.

Again, a big thank you for this addition to our community education out-reach.


Construction has completed on the Lighthouse Mission Center! You may ask what is this, and why is it needed? As our children age, some are not ready to leave us when they turn 18. The government requires that children above 18 be separated from the younger ones. We have made use of the apartments which were dedicated for short term mission use to house the older kids – one for the girls and one for the boys. But what to do with the mission teams which are a vital part of our ministry? The preferred solution was to keep the teams on our campus.

The building has two apartments for long term missionaries, five apartments for short term mission teams’ use, meeting space, large kitchen & dining space, mechanical room, and a relocated dental clinic which will allow previously prohibited community use.

We cannot thank you enough for your prayers and support to make it possible!!