Here at Sandy Bay Lighthouse Ministries, everything keeps growing and God keeps blessing. The most immediate and pressing challenge before us now is to complete the construction and furnishing of our Beacon School. Education is essential for our children and the broader Roatan community to enjoy a fruitful life. We found the public education system lacking in individual attention and consistent hours of education for the pre-high school grades. Also there is little opportunity for learning a trade or instruction in English as a second language on the Island. Creating the Beacon School was our answer to these shortcomings.

Construction of the school began in 2017 and the first floor has been in operation since 2018. Now we are in the process of completing the second floor. The estimated cost of this project is $125,000. When finished the school will provide classrooms for grades pre-kinder through grade 8. It will also provide classroom space for community English as a Second Language instruction, and instruction in various trades for the wider community. We will also have space for various church and community gatherings.

Construction and fund raising are well under way, but we are in need of continued gifts to reach our completion goals by spring of 2021. Please consider how you might help us reach our goal of providing educational opportunities for our children in residence and the wider Roatan community.