my name is Sindy…

my birthday is November 5, 2007

Hi, I am from Oak Ridge, Roatan, Honduras. I was born in 2007 and came to Greenfield Children’s Home in 2010.

I like to read books, play games, color, watch TV, dance, sing, and play outside. When I grow up, I want to work with children. I like helping out with the little kids in our big family. I like practicing English with visitors. I am sensitive and tender-hearted. I love Jesus because He loves me and died on the cross for my sins. My favorite story in the Bible is Zacchaeus. I would like to help change the world by doing devotions with others, teaching them about God.

Favorite subjects in school: Math and English

Favorite foods: Rice and beans, spaghetti, hamburgers, coconut, and ice cream

Favorite colors: Purple and yellow