Sandy Bay Lighthouse Ministries campus sits on two and a half acres of land in the community of Sandy Bay, on the Bay Island of Roatan some 40 miles off shore of the mainland of Honduras. The campus is found on the south side of the main road that connects Coxen Hole and the West End.

We have three structures on this site. Our Main Building (blue roof on the left) includes the central activity space for the big family, a large kitchen and dining room, food pantry, office space, a dental clinic, laundry, and storage and mechanical space. Above that are the living quarters for our Director and his family, a nursery space, and the girls bedrooms and bath facilities.

The second building on the hill (blue roof on the right) includes our distribution center for supplies, mechanical space for the solar electric system, office space, and two three bedroom apartments used to house visiting mission teams and long term volunteer staff. A new boys dormitory is located on the second level, along with a two bedroom apartment for visiting teachers.

Outdoors there is play space for the children and a large patio which visiting mission teams find to be a good place to relax and visit. Just below the soccer & basketball court is found our aquaculture installation where tilapia is being raised.

Below, seen in the foreground of the photo, is found our Beacon School, a vegetable garden, a chicken coop and open space. The field is used often for activities that require more space like soccer or baseball. We plan to add a second floor to our school soon as we increase our enrollment of children from the surrounding community.


We are so thankful for our dedicated staff. They all share responsibilities, but foremost in their minds is the welfare of the kids. Mutual love is shared – for each other and for Jesus who is their model in life.


ORSY AND BANESA CRUZ never expected to have a large family. Banesa always dreamed of having two children, as she came from a large family. Mr. Orsy grew up just down the road from our Greenfield Children’s Home. Twenty two people shared the 3 bedroom space. But they answered God’s call and now parent a large and growing family. One visit to our home and you will know the love “their kids” share and you will want to give it right back! These are the kids that live with Orsy and Banesa. Sharon Cruz and Orsy Jr. Cruz are their biologic children.



One day I went to a growth group where I heard singing and I asked if I could enter. The first day, which was a Friday, nothing happened. On Saturday, there was a get-away and when the pastor did an altar call, I went forward to follow the Lord. This was about 10 years ago. My life has changed a lot and I continue to follow Christ. I like working here because I like to be with the children and do things around the home. I feel very happy when we have visitors. When I am home I like to spend time with my four children, 1 daughter, and 3 sons. A dream for my life is to work hard so that my children are lacking nothing, this is my wish.



My name is Francis Carcamo, I was born in Trujillo, Colon on the mainland. I am a single mom of a child born January 2015. I moved to Roatan when I was offered this job in which I feel very happy and thankful to God to work with the children and staff of this Ministry. I am responsible for the cooking at the Children’s Home, but I also enjoy spending time with the kids. At the same time, I can share the love of Jesus with them. Since I started work here I have learned more and more about Jesus and enjoy attending church with all the kids. I have the desire to learn English and also learn how to cook better.








My name is Karen Sanchez, I was born in Lempira, Honduras, I am a single mother of a little girl born in 2014. My aspirations since childhood were always to be a teacher and work with children. Thanks to God my dreams were fulfilled through with the efforts of my family. Then I moved to Roatan looking for work and I am currently the principal of The Beacon School which has been one of my biggest challenges.

I am Christian and I attend in the Kadosh Church. I would also like to learn more English. My desire is to be a great mother, friend, and professor serving my students and my friends in the best way I can. I like working here at the home because of the fellowship and time with the other teachers. I also love working with the kids and am glad that they are doing well.